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    Fantastic job. Richy came and inspected my roof and established what needed to be repaired. The job was done efficiently without issue. Will definitely use their service again!
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    Our experience with Wyoming Roofing was very good. The job was done 5 star. Especially like dealing with Scott McCollum, he was very personable and professional at the same time
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    I had gutter guards installed so no more leaves collect in my gutters. The gutter guards are very attractive. I am pleased with the results and the service I received.

Gillette’s Reliable Ventilation Correction Company

Reliable Ventilation Correction Company

Many local building codes require homes to have proper attic ventilation. Effective attic ventilation has several advantages, including moderating the attic’s temperature and regulating the temperature of your entire home. Ventilation also prevents moisture buildup in your attic — an even more critical factor during colder months. This protects the life of your home’s roofing materials.

Wyoming Roofing, LLC has been helping Gillette homeowners correct their home’s ventilation system for decades. We are certified by Owens Corning as Top of the House contractors who understand how to service your insulation and ventilation issues. It’s not always the first thing people think about but can make a huge difference for your heating and cooling costs.

Ready for a more energy-efficient home but not sure where to start? Give Wyoming Roofing, LLC in Gillette a call today for a free attic inspection. Let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of your roof!

Why Ridge Vents Matter

Simply put, ridge vents help prolong the life of your roof while moderating the temperature of your home. A huge benefit is that it improves your home’s energy efficiency. This can also prevent other problems like ice damming, moisture build-up in your attic, and more.

While there are also traditional off-ridge ventilation options, they are often created by cutting holes in your roofs and can be susceptible to leaks. Ridge vents, on the other hand, are less invasive while still being a cost-effective option for your roof. Even better, they look great; ridge vents are installed right underneath the ridge cap of your roof, blending in seamlessly without any protruding vents coming out of your shingles.

When you have a properly installed ridge vent, it promotes proper airflow within your attic. For superior protection, as our ventilation experts about installing a ridge vent with a baffle. A baffle is a chute that sits between your attic rafters to prevent clogged vents and promote better airflow in your attic.

Contact Us for Effective Attic Ventilation Today

An improperly vented roof can cause many problems for your home, eventually costing you more time and money. If you are unsure if your attic is properly ventilated, contact Wyoming Roofing, LLC today. We are experts in attic insulation and venting and will perform a free inspection to evaluate the state of your attic and roof. Once we have assessed your current attic, we can recommend the right solutions and choose the best roof vents that will improve your home’s energy efficiency.